Art for Life: Painting With A Purpose

My sorority sister, Tonisha Bell-Alston is an amazing wife, mother, daughter and friend. She was recently diagnosed with a rare form of cancer and I have been trying to figure out a creative way to help her raise funds to gain access to more treatment options and I think I've come up with something. For those of you who like my artwork and have always wanted to get your hands on an original, I will be willing to create an original 8"x10" piece of artwork for you (in the medium of your choice) provided you are willing to make a $53.00 donation to Tonisha's Youcaring page, which has been linked below. This offer is only good for the first TEN people who respond, so you must act quickly if you're in the market for a painting with a purpose. Please send me a message on the Contact the Artist page if you are interested!