Raw Emotions: Reflections On Love, Loss, And Renewal

The more I do art, the more I have come to realize that much like myself, my artwork is constantly evolving! Initially, my focus has always been realism, but lately I have found that the literal, or the obvious, just doesn’t quite cut it for me anymore! This became even more apparent when I completed a Master of Arts in Art Therapy and began working with individuals in crisis.

People are complex, as are their emotions, and no one’s life is ever as tidy as it may appear on the surface. As much as I tried to tie a nice neat bow around this particular collection, I could not for the life of me bring myself to do it— thus, it remains just as raw, messy, chaotic, prayerful, exuberant and hopeful as I can be on any given day of the week!

It is within this context that the theme of relationships are explored. My work consists primarily of paintings, mixed media pieces and re-envisioned found objects. The use of West African Adinkra symbols from Ghana is pervasive throughout, as the symbols are chock full of meaning and significance. Where Adinkra symbols are used, the piece's title seeks to provide the viewer with a clue into its meaning. While the piece “With Long Life" represents a deep yearning for an intimate relationship with God, “Beauty from Ashes" and “Arise" seek to explore how one’s experience of brokenness can often give rise to the development of strength, resilience and imperishability.