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December 1969


June 2015

Pure Nuphoria Bed and Breakfast

Calling all working women in the DMV!! If you're looking for the perfect getaway, consider signing up for the "Rest in the City: The Working Woman's Retreat" on Saturday June 27th through Sunday June 28th. The “Rest in the City" retreat is specifically tailored to offer the professional working woman the opportunity to relax, reassess, and return to the world in a peaceful state of mind. Get away from it all without going a world away! Massages, yoga, & expressive arts – led by me! Click on the "Launch Related Site" link below to register!!

March 2015

Interactive Art and Archaeology Workshop

DESCRIPTION: Cultural heritage can be defined as the legacy of tangible artifacts and intangible attributes of a given society or group that is inherited from the past, maintained in the present, and passed down to future generations.

Join Archaeology in the Community for an interactive workshop combining art and archaeology to celebrate the diversity of our individual and collective cultural traditions through the art-making process. Participants will combine found objects and personal artifacts that represent some aspect of the participant's heritage and transform them into a lasting mosaic tile.

Celebrate your individual and collective cultural traditions! Combine found objects and personal artifacts (for example, orphaned earrings, kitchen utensils, buttons, screws, keys, etc.) and immortalize your material history! Your artwork will then serve as a treasured keepsake that pays homage your own cultural heritage while fostering a greater appreciation for the field of archaeology.

COST: $30 per person includes art supplies, wine and appetizers

TO REGISTER: Click on "Launch Related Site" below to be taken to the Archaeology in the Community website.